Carton of 2016 Orange Juice – January

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WMATA SafeTrack presents to you…

it’s the local subway system messing with us, one neglect at a time…

On the first sip of 2016, I heard only one thing!

Rihanna – “Work”

Not gonna lie… didn’t listen to a lot of music this month, so the only thing that seemed appropriate to start off this Best Of was this song as it almost defines the start of this year, without really being released early in January. I heard it almost everywhere, either as the catchy song you don’t know how to dance to, or through amusings that discuss how no one can understand the lyrics. This clip was so spot on that it only felt appropriate to link it here as I mention how this was probably the best anticipation of Rihanna’s ANTI album. This is a such a great link to seeing what her lyrics meant and only added to the amusement. It’s like no matter what she’s trying to sing, she knew she was going to get a hit… and surprisingly, I felt that way with ANTI. Great album with some killer hits but took me a bit of listening to truly get into it. Also, this year was pretty much about work,work,work,work,work…

Here’s an old ad about orange juice to mull you over until the next post!

Best Of/ Top Singles/Albums of 2010

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Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. MNDR and Q-Tip“Bang Bang Bang”

This is taken from my blog, because I am that lazy. This song is genius! “Bang Bang Bang” gives tribute to an old French nursery rhyme called Alouette in a fun way. We’ve got Amanda Warner (MNDR) and Q-Tip contributing their fantastic vocals. Now I never knew the nursery rhyme as much as I knew Frère Jacques but this still created an interesting concept for the song verses and video. The video started off with a cute commercial (with a little girl singing the Alouette nursery rhyme), an introduction-based interview of some sort, and then an almost futuristic action-related video. It’s clearly better to see this for yourselves. In addition to being a unique and catchy song, it introduced me to MNDR and re-confirmed my disappointment in not checking out Q-Tip as much as I wish I did. At first I thought it was just Amanda on her own but she works with Peter Wade to form an electronc duo, but we’re getting off-tipic here. All that needs to be known is that this song, video, and the guests on this song should all be checked out! Continue reading ‘Best Of/ Top Singles/Albums of 2010’

Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (cont.)

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Kanye West

Kanye is such a genius. I know that it’s pretty sad that he’s on this list and not my albums list but that’s because I took forever listening to his album and I need to be in the mood for it. I still do recognize how great it was though because I liked hearing it whenever my friends played it. It was this song that got me mostly interested in the album though and that is why I figured I’d rather write about this song than the album. The video was amazing and the Saturday Night Live performance was somehow even better… and I’m not sure how Kanye continues to crank out such amazing performances but whatever he is on that makes him not seem personable, he should continue just for his musical geniusness. This needs to be heard and seen, especially the saturday night live performance. Continue reading ‘Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (cont.)’

Best Of/ Albums of 2010 (cont.)

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brought to you by delicious bread w/ spinach + artichoke dip from Olive Garden!

03.Alphabeat – The Spell | release date (UK):March 01, 2010

top five pecks: Hole in my Heart / The Spell / The Beat Is / DJ / Chess
Not going to lie, I have been waiting so long to put this on my list. I was going to put this on my list last year but then I realized it would not technically be released here until 2010… It still has yet to be released here… regardless, I knew I had to put it on my list and I knew it was going to be one of my top five albums. It’s somewhat funny because I didn’t hear the big deal when my friend first introduced me to Alphabeat. Then, when I really did get into them, he was not that much into them. I think he’s started to slightly come around, especially after their AlphaMonsterMash, which is a mash-up/cover of Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Bad Romance :p If you’re into fun, electronic pop, and have yet to check Alphabeat out… do it nauwww! /arnoldschwartznegger Continue reading ‘Best Of/ Albums of 2010 (cont.)’

Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (continued)

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Ravenous tourist brings you

11. The Sea of Bees
I heard this song way too late. It reminds me of when I first heard of Headlights – “Cherry Tulips” and it just had me feeling good for a while. This may be the highest song that I am not certain if it is a single or not. I don’t even know if this is the actual video for the song. Disregarding all of that, it’s been a fun song and I’m glad NPR had it featured on their all songs considered podcast. This song seems to be more about recovering after learning to not trust… and I love when you can’t really tell what the song is about because the music somewhat contradicts the lyrics. Then again, this could all be my odd interpretation. Continue reading ‘Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (continued)’

Best Of/ Albums of 2010 (continued)

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brought to you by the 100% accurate TiMER, which takes the guesswork out of love.

11.The Morning Benders – Big Echo
release date: March 9, 2010 | top two pecks: Excuses / All Day Day Light

How was this not their debut album because I just can’t believe I didn’t hear about them before.

Continue reading ‘Best Of/ Albums of 2010 (continued)’

Best Of/ more Singles of 2010

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brought to you by the black swan.

21. Black Keys – Tighten Up
Why did I never check out the album when this song is so great?! Then again, this is the only single I heard.
22. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra*
I know this is from 2009 but I did not know that originally. Another korean pop song is to show up higher.
23. NIVA – Ghost in my Head*
Someone introduced me to this sometime early 2010 and ever since then it gets randomly stuck in my head.
24. The Hundred in the Hands – Ghosts*
Hey, remember them from close calls last year? They’re a lot higher now! If only this was an official single.
25. Charlotte Gainsbourg ft. Beck – Heaven Can Wait
I don’t know how I really love hearing this song and yet never really checked out Charlotte’s album.
26. Mike Tompkins – Only GirlEllie Goulding – Only Girl
These covers sound much better than original while still sounding much different. Another tie is yet to come.
27. Wisin Y Yandel – Irrestible
Every year, there has to be at least one reggaeton song, haha. I’m just really lazy at finding such.
28. Pink – Raise Your Glass
My friend told me about this song a little too late. You can’t go wrong with Pink.
29. Selena Gomez – Round and Round
I sort of wish I listened to her more last year. She’s quite great, one of my favorites from Disney.
30. Skyway Flyer – California Dorks
For the longest time, I refused to get the original and just listened to this. I still prefer this to some degree.
31. Darkstar – Automating*
I loved having this on repeat the last few months. I don’t believe this is a single but who cares?
32. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
This is a single but the original video for this seems like it doesn’t do it justice, so I linked generic audio.
33. Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place*
I thought this was a single but turns out there was no video for this  Roisin, make more music!
34. Washed Out – Feel it All Around
Chillwave? Regardless, good relaxing music… that apparently does not have an official video?
35. Sharon Van Etten – Don’t Do It
Another example of where there may have been a single but I liked another song a bit more.
36. Mux Mool – Night Court *
This is a great song to drive to… and another example of “is this a single or not?!”
37. BT – Always
Listening parties amongst friends always helps introduce new songs… here’s one of them.
38. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
I don’t know why I find this song so addictive. It was probably my most played song in the last few months.
39. Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs – Like a G6
Speaking of overplayed songs… this song is like my song when it comes to my friends. Ridiculous lyrics.
40. Down with Webster – Your Man
I don’t know why this song makes me feel so good when the lyrics are so bad. Still, great song.

Note: An asterisk (*) could signify a song that may have not been a single.