Best Of/ Orangenial Artists of 2008 (cont.)

So, why new artists discovered this year?
This has been a huge year of discovery for me and I usually like my music to represent how I feel. It also helped that I rarely had my hard drive with me or I was with people who wanted to share music. I rarely had time to keep up with old favorites but I would always have these artists in my head thanks to Internet radio or my fellow peers. In no way am I saying that older artists should be forgotten but when I rarely had access to my own library or knew many people interested in the same artists, it was hard to keep track. There are tons more artists I was introduced to this year but they did not have new albums, so this was the only way to pinpoint the new discoveries.

12. Yoav

Album: Charmed and Stranger | Release Date: 04.18.2008
Yoav opened for Tori Amos in 2007 and yet that is not how I heard of him. I honestly have no idea where I heard Club Thing but it was sometime really early this year or late last year and I could not stop playing it. The album was actually quite different seeing it was more melodic than anything else. It’s great for when you just want music to chill to.

11. Uh Huh Her

Album: Common Reaction | Release Date: 08.19.2008 kept playing them on the Tegan and Sara radio and I actually started to like them. Their name seems to be based off of the PJ Harvey album, so that is also quite interesting. Then, just a few months ago, I caught the video for Explode on mtvU, so that was cool. Overall, I find Leisha Hailey (vocals) very interesting since she was in two bands before and somehow juggles television as well.

10. The Long Blondes

Album: Couples | Release Date: 04.14.2008
What an odd and interesting group this is. They wanted to be a fantasy pop group with music idols that weren’t typically accepted of most bands. They also seem have different sounds going for them. It’s quite sad it took me this long to discover them. They recently (around late October, 2008) split due to complications occurring after the guitarist had a stroke. I hope he gets better soon

09. Dragonette

Album: Galore | Release Date: 10.28.2008
I was actually introduced to this artist by Athens when he recommended I Get Around. They were also in many commercial this year, including Dell commercials, with the song Get Lucky. “’cause I like your head on my shoulder / I like the way you smile, the way you smile / we both think the weather’s getting better / so let’s get lucky, let’s go all the way” sound familiar for anyone? It just sounds so cute and happy! They can apparently be described as “tampon music,” where females feel good and don’t have to worry? Awkward.

08. Adele
Album: 19 | Release Date: 01.18.2008
Thanks to Ben, the man who somehow can continue to discover music but still always be up to date with news about older ones, I found out about Adele sometime late last year. She then appeared on mtvU and ever since, there’s always one song by her that would get stuck in my head. I also believe this sort of helps define my summer, for most of my drives consisted of Adele playing in the background, sometimes repeatedly. My favorite songs at the moment are probably Tired, First Love, and My Same.

07. Crystal Castles

Album: Crystal Castles | Release Date: 03.18.2008
I heard Courtship Date and I immediately was intrigued by their video. Then I was told how they were touring with Nine Inch Nails in the summer of 2008! That definitely made me want to check out the whole album, and thanks to a generous friend, I was able to! They also did a remix of Bloc Party’s Hunting for Witches that was pretty good. It sort of reminded me of how CSS would remix a lot of great songs. My favorite songs at the moment are probably Magic Spells, Tell Me What to Swallow, and Reckless.
Orange Juice: HEALTH, the band involved in making the song Crimewave, were also a part of the Lights in The Sky tour but in the fall of 2008.

06. Sia

Album: Some People Have Real Problems | Release Date: 01.08.2008
This one goes out to Gerry, who sent me Playground by Sia. It wasn’t until I heard Buttons that I was addicted to her style. Apparently Beck did background vocals on Death by Chocolate and Academia but you really can’t tell that on your own… ironically, they are two of my favorites from the album. Academia has brilliant lyrics that seem adorable with her vocals and Death by Chocolate is just honest all around. I disagree with Pitchfork’s review for Some People; I think she’s a very cute and creative artist and I’m so glad I finally found out about her!

05. Lykke Li

Album: Youth Novels | Release Date: 08.19.2008
I have to thank NG for this artist. He shared Little Bit and it immediately become one of my all-time favorite songs. The video shows her just having fun while her lyrics just seem so sincere. Her voice makes me think of a kid, even though she’s not, and so the song ended up as a love song for me. “I think I’m a little bit, little bit, a little bit in love with you but only if you’re a little bit, little bit in love with me.” Others certainly said it better. In general, I think she’s pretty great at choosing singles, since Breaking It Up and I’m Good, I’m Gone are also quite catchy, haha. My other possible favorites are Complaint Department and Let It Fall.


~ by Ke on December 29, 2008.

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