Best Of/ Orangenial Artists of 2008 (continued)

04. MGMT // Album: Oracular Spectacular | Release Date: 01.22.2008

While NG had introduced me to Time to Pretend by MGMT, I had completely forgotten about MGMT until I heard Electric Feel on mtvU. Then to find out that most of my college friends were into MGMT gave me a chance to hear them without even trying. It’s really insane how famous they have become over the year. Last.FM even calculated them as the best artist of 2008!

As for a personal reason, MGMT reminds me a lot of fall, when I’d be stressed out and yet managed to chill the most as well. I also get reminded of classes because one day there was a Red Bull truck outside blasting Electric Feel as I was taking a break from studying. I’m not into Red Bull…

My favorite songs at the moment would probably be (in no order):
Electric Feel – Great vibe and interesting lyrics
The Youth -This reminds me of one of my favorite books, Lord Of The Flies!
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters – I love how it gets better as it goes on, especially the music at the end.

03. Vampire Weekend // Album: Vampire Weekend | Release Date: 01.28.2008

Another band recommended by Ben! While the boys are Columbia University graduates, they made this great album as they continued to work their full-time jobs! It’s amazing when you can do so much and make such great music. Great music because of the interesting musical riffs and odd lyrics that sort of just automatically make you wonder. I think there was always at least one song that was stuck in my mind at some point.

This band reminds me of the spring season, or just the first half of this year, because Vampire Weekend somehow ended up as the bonding music. For some reason, it randomly became the topic and all of us just realized how we had music in common and how much we wanted to recommend. It was a good season.

My favorite songs at the moment would probably be (in no order):
Oxford Comma – The song that got me into them with the awesome lyrics and video.
One – This song is just very amusing and I love the music changes.
Kids Don’t Stand A Chance – My first favorite song by them due to it’s raggae-ish sound and use of strings ❤

02. She & Him // Album: Volume One | Release Date: 03.18.2008

Ben really can’t stop finding great music. He says he knew Zooey’s amazing voice from her singing on Elf… well, it took me years to see that movie and I honestly could not judge her voice in the movie, so I never truly understood him. Then I heard this album. Dear God her voice is pretty. It also helps how M. Ward produces the songs, as well as contributes to the music that accompanies her voice.

It sort of took me a while to have it grow since it had a vintage sound to it but beautiful, cute, lyrics as well. I think it all hit me when I saw the video for Why Do You Let Me Stay Here and it exceeded my expectations by so much… it is so my type of video! It’s cute and odd and I don’t know how I adore that so much. She & Him definitely does not remind me of just a particular season but, for some odd reason, it just helps me remember we’re all just humans with emotions. It’s just different and yet it really works with them! I really cannot wait for Volume Two.

Orange Juice: Zooey and Von Ida’s music on Yes Man is amazing, but so is the rest of the soundtrack! It has a new Eels song! If only Munchausen By Proxy was real…

Some amazing songs from the album (in no order):
Change Is HardIn the halls I’d rather hear silence, than the bell of new love
I Thought I Saw Your Face TodayI somehow see what’s beautiful in things that are ephemeral.
Sweet Darlin’When I was a little bit younger the strain I was under could make me cry
Take It BackIt’s the possibility of staying in my corner
This Is Not A TestYou can take it if you want it and then let it go
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?Why don’t you sit right down and stay a while? We like the same things and I like your style

01. Santogold

// Album: Santogold | Release Date: 04.29.2008 \\

There were a couple of people involved in me checking out Santogold but it wasn’t until I saw the video for L.E.S. Artistes that I was addicted! There was something special about that video and song that just kept going through my head. I mean, I heard You’ll Find A Way and loved how it reminded me of Bloc Party, but L.E.S. Artistes just immediately got to me! She has been almost everywhere with the commercials (Creator was used for the Bud Light), remixes and collaborations (such My Drive Thru with N.E.R.D. and Julian Casablancas). Heck, in addition to being able to tour with artists like M.I.A. and Coldplay, she was part of the Get Out and Vote ’08 tour!

I know she was on Mark Ronson’s Versions album for the song Pretty Green last year and helped write or help with songs way before but I never really noticed her until now. In addition to the album with Diplo (Top Ranking), she will be appearing on the new N.A.S.A. album with Lykke Li and Kanye (which is an AMAZING song!). She also reminds me of my work earlier this year, where I heard Santogold almost every day I worked, haha. It somehow seems appropriate to say she is the coolest and definitely my artist of the year, haha.

Orange Juice: Stiffed, Santogold’s previous band, was a pretty awesome band. If you can find Sex Sells or Burned Again (albums), I definitely recommend them!

Some amazing songs from the album (in no order):
You’ll Find A WayDon’t reach too far, you will fall over. Don’t be surprised what you discover
Shove ItWe think you’re a joke. Shove your hope where it don’t shine.
Say AhaGonna blow a hole in this charade, It’s self defense
My SupermanWell you’re a liar and your cues are all wrong but I can’t count all the ways you woo me
Lights OutLights out, shoot up the station. TV’s dead
L.E.S. ArtistesYou don’t know me, I am an introvert, an excavator
I’m a Lady I like to watch the way the wind blows, what does it know that I don’t yet
CreatorI’m a Creator, thrill is to make it up the rules I break got me a place up on the radar
AnneSee it there, but it’s too far ahead; go numb from how bad I want it


~ by Ke on December 30, 2008.

One Response to “Best Of/ Orangenial Artists of 2008 (continued)”

  1. I don’t know why I never came across this series of posts of yours before. I particularly like how you mention the experiences or memories that you’ve attached to some of these artists. I think it’s always too bad when a good song gets attached to some shitty feeling, I’m not sure how Red Bull rates though. Also digging your ‘extended’ list of favorite tracks from Santogold–you’ve listed half the album, which feels about right to me:)

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