KIDZ BOP 15, Let It Rock!

Who doesn’t love censored lyrics (like “stuck his middle finger” becoming “raised his hand and waved”) and little kids dancing to adult songs with adult clothing?!

I can’t wait for more:
1. So What
2. Let It Rock
3. When I Grow Up
4. American Boy
5. Forever
6. Hot N Cold
7. Disturbia
8. Burnin Up
9. I’m Yours
10. One Step At A Time
11. 7 Things
12. Better In Time
13. What About Now
14. Love Story
15. Crush
16. Gotta Be Somebody
17. Take A Bow
18. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know


~ by Ke on January 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “KIDZ BOP 15, Let It Rock!”

  1. Waiting for the KB version of If You Seek Amy.

  2. Ha! I am sure they will just get a random girl who might be called “amy” and they will try to play hide and seek with her. Is it sad that I want to make that video?!

  3. […] Annoying Kidz Bop Videos.” Pretty spot on, not going to lie. The #5 song? Let It Rock. Hey! That song was covered on Orangenial! Now if Sergio could further expand on the franchise, that’d be […]

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