022509: Lights at The Camel

Steven (?) had thrown a unicorn with a message on stage and she seemed to really adore it.

Steven (?) had thrown a unicorn with a message on stage and she seemed to really adore it. ©Dash

I have absolutely no idea how Lights was so low on my top 18 newly discovered artists of 2008 list (seeing I had gone nuts trying to find her after hearing her on Old Navy commercials early in 2008) but I am incredibly glad I went to go see her last night. I sort of wish I was better prepared, since I forgot to take my camera, but the memories will definitely always be there. I ended up stealing a ticket stub at the end of the night to have some concret way of remembering the night (plus, the internet is quite useful). The Camel was a little more occupied this time, compared to the concert with Hotel Lights and We Know Plato! but it was crazy to see the amount of people present. Conshafter was a great opener, while B1end was certainly entertaining, but everyone stood up from the restaurant-style environment and headed to the front for Lights.

It was more amazing how she performed and interacted, seeing just after the first song she had informed us that she was feeling sort of sick and did not want to cancel another show (aw!). She might have started off with Drive My Soul but it was not until her second song, February Air, that I sort of just started enjoying the concert and stopped being so short. I wish I had remembered more of the new songs she had done but the one that definitely stood out was 10 Seconds. Most of the new songs sounded sort of similar to Ice but overall they had more of a space-y feeling to them. I Owe You One used to be my favorite song from the Lights EP but after seeing her perform Ice, my favorite song definitely changed.

The best part of her setlist? She randomly threw in a cover of Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way to get her crowd more into the music. I think that just added to the cuteness/awesomeness that her music represents and honestly, she is definitely worth checking out! She even stuck around after for about 30 minutes to converse with the fans. It’d be awesome if I could see her again.

Lights – Ice


~ by Ke on February 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “022509: Lights at The Camel”

  1. I heard about Lights and some association with headbands, i can’t remember what it was, but I can’t forget about it when I hear about her. Write something new!

  2. You need to get her album when it comes out. It’ll be tons better than the EP and EP rocks!

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