Bat For Lashes – Daniel

Here is Bat For Lashes’ new video for her first single “Daniel”, off her sophomore album Two Suns. Both the song and video are apparently paying tribute to the movie “Karate Kid”. I don’t get the idea behind the tribute, but I love the boldly artistic and eerie sequences in the video, which compliment the song very nicely.


~ by athens1 on March 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bat For Lashes – Daniel”

  1. Athens! HI! 😀
    Bats for Lashes ❤ I had no idea they had a new single out, much less that they were going to have a new album out soon. It seems the video still has the eerie/odd feeling that first got me into BFL but the music has a new feel to it. Two Suns is going to be awesome!

  2. Whoa a video tribute to Karate Kid!? I never thought I’d see the day. I’m really enjoying the first three or so tracks off this new album, and I like this video.

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