Limelight/ Fol Chen

I’ve had Cable TV by Fol Chen for about half a year now, but I would always forget to check her out further. I mean, this is a a somewhat romantic song that not only fantasizes about spending time with someone but doing so while watching, you guessed it, cable TV. It is a novel concept and I came to admire it, especially because at the end she mentions how she “thought that [she] knew what love was… then [she] saw [him] dancing in [his] underwear to What I Think Of You.” Now, I have never been that big on Janet Jackson, if that is even the reference, but I guess there’s something to relate to and endearing when your partner not only enjoys the same shows as you but also dances to something like that. Can I just say this is the definition of dorky that I love? For all I know this song could just be a complete joke, lyrically, but I still love it. Won’t you come away with me? The carpet is filthy but the ice is free. I just got paid so we could order PPV if nothing good is on TV.

Video: Fol Chen – Cable TV

“No Wedding Cake” is just a very calming and somewhat chilling song. I think the latter occurs when you also watch the video, which not only seems sad but sort of symbolic where one could never break someone elses heart, again. Someone on Youtube mentioned how each character sort of symbolizes the Astrological signs, like Leo and Gemini twins. In reality though, I think there’s more to the video than the song but the song is still pretty amazing. I saw it as how some things just cannot be controlled, no matter what the intent is. However, I recommend judging for yourself.

Video: Fol Chen – No Wedding Cake

Both songs can be downloaded (free) from her Last.FM! Ready, Aim… FIRE!
The album, Part 1: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made, came out Feb. 09 🙂

I thought that I knew what love was.. then I saw you dancing in your underwear to When I Think Of You

~ by Ke on June 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Limelight/ Fol Chen”

  1. This electro-pop stuff is always fun if you ask me. The video makes me think of that UK girls group called “Girls Aloud” or something like that, a little cheesy I suppose. I like the idea that each girl represents a different sign, and those lyrics about cable TV are very clever.

    Glad to see a new post from you Ke:)

  2. Ha, I had no idea you listened to Girls Aloud. I never completely got into them but I can somewhat see what you are talking about. They’ve been around forever it seems…

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