Summer Reunion Tour[s] 2009

It seems like every 90’s band and their mothers are getting together recently. Who actually seems most appealing though? As one of my friends said, the perfect reunion tour would have been Blink-182 and No Doubt. I would not mind Jane’s Addiction in that line-up but they seem to be working pretty well with Nine Inch Nails. (Off-Topic: Street Sweepr was a great idea for an opener for NINJA 2009!) If you can go see Nine Inch Nails in concert, despite the rising price in tickets and merchandise, I highly recommend it!

Now how amazing would this be live?!

Since Blink-182 and No Doubt could not tour together, I guess you have to live with their separate tours. In that case, it ends up with No Doubt’s tour being a little stronger. The Sounds are the opening act and Paramore open up for No Doubt. While I am not big on The Sounds, there is not a single artist on this list that I feel average about. In fact, I actually like The Sounds! As much as I hate the Twilight franchise, even Paramore is a great addition, because they actually do more than that Decode song. They have certainly grown over the last five years and it is nice to see them be able to tour No Doubt. Plus, Haley was made to perform live with that energy!

Now, No Doubt is one of the best bands of my generation, so knowing that they actually stick with their singles and old hits from Tragic Kingdom is pretty amazing for a reunion tour. (Off-topic: Ska bands are awesome to see live, so highly recommended!) Not only do they have a great line-up (with awesome live presence), but as the ladies at HitFix mentioned, they made sure to make their tour worth the money. If not affordable lawn seats, there is the music discography download available for those that are willing to pay a lot more.  Also, for the few shows Paramore can’t perform, No Doubt has other worth-while artists.

Video: No Doubt – I’m Just a Girl

Two of the artists that replace Paramore are Katy Perry and Panic at the Disco. Katy Perry opens up for No Doubt on August 4th in Irvine, CA with the Sounds as the opening act. The reason why this concert stands out, other than the only show with Katy Perry replacing Paramore, is that the pre-sale password was “orange.” How cool is that?! It must be the A Clockwork Orange theme? Panic At The Disco, on the other hand, replaces Paramore for two shows before they begin their tour with Blink-182.

I think the best Blink-182 line-up occurs between late August and early September, basically when they tour with Weezer. It is odd, however, to see Weezer open for Blink-182, when it should probably be the other way around. Other than Weezer, the other acts don’t seem that exciting. All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Asher Roth. Sadly, the show in Virginia gets Asher Roth and Panic, so not even the better artists of the non-Weezer bunch. I guess we will see the shows go, as there is still time for more reviews for the tour. What shows have you been to or are looking forward to?

One of Weezer’s best performances from the Weenie Roast “2008, I mean 2009!”


~ by Ke on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Summer Reunion Tour[s] 2009”

  1. What?! Weezer opening for Blink 182? That’s bogus. This list of reunion tours makes me feel old Ke! These are all bands I grew up on in grade school. Tragic Kingdom, The Blue Album, and Dude Ranch and The Downward Spiral were all some of my very first albums. I love that No Doubt is touring again, since as a band they probably do a better show than Gwen alone. Weezer has really fallen off for me, I don’t really have an interest in seeing them even though their first two albums basically were my like my training wheels to music. Which makes me sad to hear them now. The MGMT/Lady Gaga cover was one of their best moments in the past umm… decade I’d say.

    As for some of those openers, while not genius, Paramore might be a fun set, and Panic at the Disco–who are they again? didn’t they win an MTV Music award for best band/album? funny how quickly MTV’s #1’s drop off. That’s just me though.

  2. You are old, Geoff! Seeing most of the new fans for No Doubt and Paramore are just entering high school, you’re definitely old 🙂 As long as you can still appreciate the music you loved as a kid, I think you’re good. I think that is why I will always love Weezer.

    Paramore is worth it as an opener, seeing every concert I’ve ever seen with them performing has been energetic. Panic, on the other hand, might make you bored. I have no idea how they won on MTV.

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