News Splash/ Arctic Monkeys, Beastie Boys, and Paramore

As the rumor had it, Paramore did in fact perform two new songs on their tour. One of them, Ignorance, has been determined as the new single for their new album, Brand New Eyes. While I still find it insane that some fans only know them from the RIOT! album or from their song in Twilight, I am certainly looking forward to the new album!

Speaking of new album, I forgot Arctic Monkeys were working on a new album called Humbug. So, when I found that new single Crying Lightning was just released today, I was pretty excited. For some reason it makes me think of an older song from some eerie movie. While keeping the goodness of Arctic Monkeys, they managed to have a different sound.

Finally, Beastie Boys! Somehow it was recently mentioned that the new single Lee Majors Come Again was made available for select Check Your Head quadruple reissue boxsets. Through Stereogum, which sourced Mic to Mic, it was discovered that this had to be a new song and later it was revealed as the single for the new album. This allowed some people to get access to the new single from Hot Sauce Committee as the new title was just being announced! That’s awesome! While I enjoyed The Mix-Up, their instrumental album, I am glad to anticipate an album with vocals again.

So, there you have it, three new songs of the moment.

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~ by Ke on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “News Splash/ Arctic Monkeys, Beastie Boys, and Paramore”

  1. I probably haven’t give a fair amount of attention to the Arctic Monkeys since “Whatever People…” and I kind of ignored ‘Flourescent Adolescence’ but you’re right about this being a different sound for them. It really doesn’t have the single qualities that some of their other songs have had, which might not be a bad thing at all. I can’t believe the Beastie Boys are still making the same sound as ever, those are some pretty cool old dudes.

    By the way, your Arctic Monkeys video was taken down by YouTube.

    Keep it coming Ke!

  2. I say it is a good thing but I’m starting to dislike the “single” qualities for being so overused and lacking creativity. Also, yes, major love to Beastie Boys. They still rock it at concerts too!

    I fixed the video, though I am contemplating doing something similar to you when it comes to sharing songs. If nothing else, Who knows, I have time to figure it out.

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