Best Of/ Albums of 2009

Fred’s Creepy Christmas and sentiments that differentiate you from a doormat or a prostitute presents

Barely Orange:
An Horse: Rearrange Beds
Asteroid Galaxy Tour: Fruit
Bat For Lashes: Two Suns
Lily Allen: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Morningwood: Diamonds & Studs
The Raveonettes: In and Out of Control
Sally Shapiro: My Guilty Pleasure
The Sounds: Crossing The Rubicon
U2: No Line on the Horizon

30 / Junior by Röyksopp
Release Date: 03.23.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Happy Up Here
Lykke Li is on Miss It So Much! That was my main reason for even checking out this album and it actually turned out to be good. Happy Up Here just sounds so… happy!

29 / Ultraviolet by Kid Sister
Release Date: 11.17.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: 54321
Right Hand Hi was my song of the summer, and maybe even the year, but the video was a major let down. The rest of the album, however, has been pretty good. I knew some songs already from her EP that was mentioned earlier in the year.

28 / Far by Regina Spektor
Release Date: 06.23.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Machine
Regina Spektor with another great album. I only remembered to check her out because of someone sort of being obsessed with her and mentioning her as one of his favorite artists. I like machine-produced-like songs… and thankfully the song Machine was like that. It’s a little different from normal Regina Spektor but she still keeps her style.

27 / Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future by The Bird and the Bee
Release Date: 01.27.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Love Letter to Japan
It took me a bit to find out about this album, even though it was released early this year. However, I had been enjoying random songs by The Bird and the Bee already, so there was already interest in the album!

26 / Lungs by Florence + The Machine
Release Date: 07.06.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Girl with One Eye
I’ve been hearing a lot of Florence with Last.FM radio, so I managed to check her out eventually. She has something unique going, while still being catchy. There are moments when she just has an eerie feel to her, such as with Girl with One Eye. Even the title is odd!

25 / Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II by Anya Marina
Release Date: 01.20.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Two Left Feet
She recently did a song for the Twilight soundtrack but thankfully that is not how I heard of her. At some point her video for Move You was playing on television and it just trapped me in. I’m a sucker for cute/mellow but at the same time, having some odd energy. She’s got it all covered!

24 / Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear
Release Date: 05.26.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Fine for Now
First off, Two Weeks is ADORABLE. That was such a great single! Sadly credit doesn’t go to that song because my friend is the one who thought I’d like Grizzly Bears and boy, did she hae correct information! This is also a nice reminder of early 2009.

23 / Miike Snow by Miike Snow
Release Date: 10.23.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Silvia
I think I heard of Miike Snow from a friend through some mixtape? Either way, I had no idea that this was a side project of Bloodshy & Avant with singer Andrew Wyatt! I also sort of forget (hint: did not know) that they helped produce most of my favorite songs by Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue… no wonder this is great! (I know, this is sad but at least they don’t sound like Britney Spears!)

22 / My Maudlin Career by Camera Obscura
Release Date: 04.20.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: The Sweetest Thing
French Navy originally had me fall in love with this previously unknown band. Then a friend of mine helped with me learn more about them and there’s just something endearing about them. This pretty much makes me think of early 2009, which is a nice memory.

15. She Wolf by Shakira
Release Date: 10.09.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Mon Amour
I was such a fool for putting off this album until the later months of this year but I appreciate MTV Tr3s getting me interested again with the video for Lo Hecho Está Hecho. The spanish songs are far superior to the english songs but overall it is a delightful album. I wish I had given the last album a proper chance too but I’m glad to have checked this album somewhat in time. I also wish there were a lot more spanish songs and less english versions; I understand that she is trying to please both of her fans but when you compare the spanish versions, some things clearly get lost in translation. I don’t even know spanish that well but I can pick up on different verses that just sort of dumb down the meaning. Either way, I highly recommend Mon Amour and the spanish songs on this album. Mon Amour is lyrically brilliant but maybe that is because I have no spanish counterpart to compare it to? :-p

16. Man on the Moon: The End of Day by Kid Cudi
Release Date: 09.15.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Pursuit of Happiness
Overall, this album had a very interesting concept and there’s something about certain songs that just work too well. Ironically, I love the nightmares a lot more than most of the other tracks. There are also different acts throughout the album… which I can sense when I actually listen to the album in order. I think the third act was probably my favorite from the album, except Make Her Say is overrated for me. There are a lot better songs on the album and I would have replaced that from that act if I could. As for my favorite song of the moment, I have lovedd Ratatat ever since I have heard their stuff and Pursuit of Happiness’s background music definitely sounds like their stuff. I also appreciated the video Kid Cudi did for this single, since it actually seems to work with the song and isn’t typical, for me anyway.

17. Ellipse by Imogen Heap
Release Date: 08.24.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Bad Body Double
This album isn’t getting the love it deserves. I’m a huge fan of Imogen Heap but I took forever to listen to this album and never really gave it the chance to grow on me. There are a couple of songs on this album that already get stuck in your head, including Bad Body Double, Aha!, and 2-1.

18. The Fall by Norah Jones
Release Date: 11.17.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Young Blood
There’s something about Norah Jones… I love her voice and how she can make something sound sweet, eerie, and calming at the same time. I usually have to be in the right mindset to really enjoy her album as a whole but it works usually. With Young Blood, she sounds almost on guard and this was also the song performed on the Colbert Report.

19. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
Release Date: 01.26.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: What She Came For
It’s sad, there have been really strong songs on this album but as a whole this was another album that was easily forgettable for me, especially compared to their last album. Again, not saying it is a bad album at all, but it’s this low because I did not play the whole album as much as i did for the albums ranked higher. What She Came For has a vintage sound with one of the instruments but continues the fun feeling I’m used to with Franz Ferdinand. I also love song titles where pronouns are used, haha.

20. Monster of Folk by Monsters of Folk
Release Date: 09.22.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
Monsters of Folk are exactly as their title claims. I am not that big on the music and male vocals in this case but I can still appreciate certain good tracks and the overall album. It’s probably one of my favorites when it comes to the genre, whatever that genre that may be. As for Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.), there’s a huge Radiohead feeling to this song. Also, lyrically I can sort of relate to some degree. Not necessarily God but something of that sort… and I would think the song would fit perfectly.

21. Merriweather Post Pavillion by Animal Collective
Release Date: 01.06.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Guys Eyes
Guys Eyes has a familiar sound, like most of the Animal Collective songs, but on it’s own it’s just really repetitive which can be comforting to some degree. Overall, the album was pretty good but unless I’m in the mood for anything remotely instrumental with vocals blending into the background, I wouldn’t really touch the album repeatedly throughout the year. However, whenever I hear it, I always enjoy listening to the whole thing.

14 | 
Release Date: 06.22.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Musician, Please Take Heed
God Help The Girl is a musical set to be filmed next year. Scott Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian heard the tunes in his head years ago but imagined female vocals and strings instead. They then did a search for the said female vocals and landed on Catherine Ireton. Musician, Please Take Heed is probably the slowest song on the album and I think it works well near the center, since it sort of turns into one of those moments where action needs to be taken. She shows she’s a literate girl!

13 | 
Release Date: 05.25.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Love Like a Sunset
I’ve liked Phoenix ever since I was introduced to Alphabetical… and I have yet to be disappointed. They seemed to have taken a somewhat different approach with this album and I liked it but I still think I prefer their Alphabetical sound. Interestingly, my favorite songs on most of their albums seem to be the longest song… and in this case, Love Like a Sunset is definitely the longest song; I love almost everything about the song!

12 | 
Release Date: 06.16.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Good Morning, Mrs. Smith
Tom Morello (Nightwatchmen, Rage Against The Machine, and Audioslave) and Boots Riley (The Coup) make this band, explaining why they almost like they belong in a different decade. The only problem is that most of the songs sound the same, which I feel like they could have improved on. Good Morning, Mrs. Smith, however, seems to be the strongest song with an actual build-up and a catchy hook. What originally got me into them was NINJA 2009, the sampler for the 2009 Nine Inch Nails Tour. I’m sure SSSC would have been awesome to go to see in concert but only if they go beyond their potential of having such great backgrounds.

11 | 
Release Date: 03.09.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Heads Will Roll
Heads Will Roll is still my favorite song from this awesome album. Karen O and Co. go for a more disco and electro-pop sound this time with It’s Blitz and I’ve gotta say it worked for the most part. Heads Will Roll was the perfect song to release as a single because it’s their poppiest song, without really being generic. Much like their album. Too bad this had the ill-fate of being discovered too late and being overshadowed.

10 |
Release Date: 04.07.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Twilight Galaxy
Probably one of their strongest album yet. It has a bit of Emily Haines with soft vocals and something a bit more rock-is, but to the best mix of Metric as possible. In general, I just love Emily Haines. I can’t help it, she’s pretty damn awesome, and with Metric, there’s always the perfect background vocals amplifying her vocals even more. Yes, for me, it’s always been about her. Sad.

09 |
Release Date: 06.29.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Armour Love
Armour Love has been my favorite song ever since I heard this album. There’s just something about the music and the lyrics that just work way too well. I can also sort of relate to the lyrics too… it’s almost a sad song but at the same time, it mentions how strong the person feels. Bulletproof and In For The Kill were great introductions to the artist and the album really fulfills whatever expectations those had you set for La Roux. It’s just, I think other artists overpowered this artist for me. No denying that this album should be checked out though!


~ by Ke on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Best Of/ Albums of 2009”

  1. I agree the Right Hand Hi video was terrible. I didn’t even want to watch the whole thing because I thought it’d change the song for me. I was kind of let down by the album as a whole. I wish I’d have known about Phoenix back in the Alphabetical days, I’ve been discovering their catalog backwards. I do love Love Like A Sunset as well.

    What’s number one? I think your numbers got mixed up.

  2. Yeah, the video definitely changed the song for me. There was so much potential with the album and video! It seems her strongest song were mostly from her EP and even then nothing could compare as much.

    Sadly my numbers were not mixed up… I just never truly gave everything an equal chance. I loved some stuff early in the year and then completely forgot about it because I was too busy replaying other stuff. I also gave some albums a full listen way too late in the year… but that’s life. There’s always 2010’s list.

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