Best Of/ Albums of 2009 (continued)

The feeling of awkwardness, which tells us not to talk about things, and magnetic balls presents

08 | 
Release Date: 07.14.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: I Cut Like A Buffalo
There are so many badass songs on this album. I love female vocals and so automatically this was my favorite Jack White project, even though all of them are amazing. In addition to Alison Mosshart from The Kills and Jack White, there is Dean Fertita (QOTSA) and Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs and Greenhorns). The way the songs are written makes me wonder what exactly is the point of view but I do know it sounds pretty darn awesome and creative nonetheless. The music is simplistic but strong and the vocals work way too well with the music. I think I Cut Like A Buffalo is my favorite song of the moment just because of how awesome it sounds and how it seems to portray a deeper meaning that even though one can come off weak, there’s still a sense of control there. “I may look like a woman but I cut like a buffalo.”

07 | 
Release Date: 11.18.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Monster
This is a great album but I heard it a bit too late in full, so it is not as high as Lady Gaga would have been on her own when including her past album. It has been one crazy year for Lady Gaga and while I heard her last year, I did not expect her to blow up like this and grow so much. Just Dance sounds so simple and plain when listening to everything else she has released that ended up being stuck in everyone’s head. This album is a bit more of my style than the last one and so I knew I had to include her this time around. It’s weird that she was a new artist last year but she didn’t make my new artists list at all… what gives? At least she is included now? Bad Romance was such a great introduction, in all ways possible, to the album but my favorite song right now is Monster because I just really like the “he ate my heart” part. How many people have wanted to say something like that?! The guy didn’t just take it, he ate it. Then again, a monster like that wouldn’t be too bad either…

06 | 
Release Date: 11.16.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: Mind Eraser, No Chaser
This is such a great album! I’ve been waiting for this collaboration ever since I heard Josh Hommes (QOTSA), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), and Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) were going to work together. They sort of have worked together in the past in pairs (JPJ and JH helped with a few songs on In Your Honor and Grohl helped with Songs for the Dead) but this time, all three were equally working together and man it’s an awesome album because of that. Not only are the alternating vocals great but the lyrics are magnificant as well. I think my favorite lines of the moment are probably from Mind Eraser, No Chaser, “I’m not sorry to say we just ran out of ‘give a shit’” and “Ignorance is bliss until they take your bliss away.” The whole song just sounds so trippy and makes me think of Brave New World, where there were pills for everything. Then again, most of their songs you really have to pay attention to the lyrics, because they seem to be brilliantly written.

Release Date: 10.06.2009 | Favorite Song of the Moment: The Listening
Unlike Lady Gaga, Lights actually made my list last year but she was way too low. Even I don’t get why she was that low! I think too many artists overpowered her. I also had only heard the couple of songs Old Navy had streaming online, so the lack of exposure made me think that she shouldn’t be very high. However, she definitely should have. I loved Ice and February Air and Drive My Soul and basically everything! The more I heard by her, the more I loved her. Also, she’s SUPER sweet! She really is as nice as she looks and her live shows are one of the most fun shows! She’s adorable and energetic and this album truly encompasses that, and is worth checking out! For her EP, I loved Ice and I still do but after I heard The Listening, the self-titled song immediately stood out. The music works with the sound of electronic and the lyrics are so completely relatable. I doubt this would be the song of the year but it’d definitely be a song that describes me very well… because it sucks when you don’t have the right words and emotions take over and there’s really nothing else you can do.

04 \ Muse – The Resistance

Classic (Get it?!) Songs: Exogenesis tracks
Song Representing Title: Uprising
Favorite Song of the Moment: Undisclosed Desires

This would have been my favorite album of the whole year if I had heard it earlier. This is such an incredible album and already so much has been said by everyone else… everyone that loved it anyway. It seems you either love this or hate this compared to their older stuff and I personally adored the Exogenesis tracks and the overall different direction they seemed to be heading towards. I honestly think they sound like the Muse I came to love, especially with Uprising and Undisclosed Desires. Oh man, I seriously love Undisclosed Desires. Not to mention, this album will ALWAYS remind me of last semester which was pretty darn amazing and it is quite sad to realize that it cannot be repeated. Long drives should always have Muse! Also, they went on tour with U2 this year… now who would expect that to be a horrible concert? You cannot go wrong there, at all.

03 \ Fol Chen – Part I: “John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made”

Sweetest Song: Cable TV (this takes the spot of Lykke Li’s Little Bit for the year)
Song Representing Title: Please, John, You’re Killing Me
Favorite Song of the Moment: The Idiot

This would have been higher if I actually gave it a chance sooner. I absolutely loved Cable TV (way too poppy for the album but still fits in with the rest of the material) and Wedding Cake (good way to get into the percussion use in the album) was pretty good yet I always put off the album. Then one day, I heard Red Skies Over Garden City (The Ballad Of Donna Donna) on my iPod and I immediately thought of Nine Inch Nails and Wildbirds & Peacedrums. I knew NIN would not do this and I had no W&P, and that’s when I looked at my iPod to realize it was Fol Chen. This is what I get for downloading numerous albums and taking forever to listen to them, even though they had an EP called “Fol Chen Make the Orange Sound”!

After the song was over, I listened to the rest of the album and there was not a single bad track! The Longer U Wait has been remixed and changed for their new remix EP but the original from the album is tons better, in my opinion. There are songs with female vocals, intense build-ups and variations, strong drums, and an amazing odd feeling while still being poppy and not something that can get boring. Even Winter, That’s All starts off with this eerie feel of what I can imagine pollution in a very populated city, and even then I ended up thinking of Nine Inch Nails with softer vocals and more of a mainstream feel. I highly would recommend buying this album, if not at least checking it out. It’s well worth this spot.

02 \ Tegan and Sara – Sainthood

Almost Unexpected Song: Arrow
Song Representing Title: On Directing
Favorite Song of the Moment: Alligator

Ever since The Con, I’ve been anticipating new material and they definitely delivered, near my birthday too! Sainthood comes from a Leonard Cohen song, Came So Far For Beauty: “I practiced all my sainthood / I gave to one and all / But the rumours of my virtue / They moved her not at all.” As it’s said, “Sainthood is about obsession with romantic ideals. In the service of relationships we practice being perfect. We practice our sainthood in the hope that we will be rewarded with adoration. As we are driven to become anything for someone else, we sometimes become martyrs for our cause. Love, like faith, can never be held in an individual’s hands.”

I could definitely relate to the idea presented, since the more exposure you have, the more you realize what you gave up in the last relationship, and it’s so weird how much you’re willing to give up for someone, including yourself. Some do that with faith and others do that with love, but regardless it makes no sense seeing it’s usually done without realization. I refused to focus on just emotions this year so I was afraid to listen to this album too much but man are they on the point as always. Over the years they’ve had so many songs I could relate to but I can only handle pure emotions and honesty so much, since once I start listening to a few T&S songs, I can’t help but listen to more…


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