Best Of/ Singles of 2009 (continued)

brought to you by Chex Mix and the big ball drop that costs more money than the repaired roads

06\ Owl City – Fireflies
It is quite insane how Owl City, or Adam Young, hit it big this year. Owl City has had adorable catchy music played throughout the year and this was the single that started it all. My co-worker put this on the work mix CD and I think I’ll always associate this song with him. There is just massive cuteness in this song and to some degree, truth. Adam says he started getting into writing music because of his insomnia, and in this song it definitely shows. There is a hook where he talks about being an insomniac and being too tired to sleep. I’ve been there before.

05\ Friendly Fires – Kiss of Life
Ever since the first time I saw this video, I have not been able to stop watching the whole thing. I heard a few random things from Friendly Fires last year, and even liked them, but nothing stuck as much as this. This was the reason they even re-released their self-titled album. The strong beats and the sporadic rhythm works way too well in this video that even lead singer Ed Macfarlane seems to be having way too much fun! In fact, that may be why I like this video… However, it’s not just the video that pulled me in. The song itself has something inspiring about it.
04\ Vistoso Bosses – Delirious
These girls are way too adorable and talented! At least in my opinion, this video brings back memories of the 90s when these girls act out things they are saying and also seem to have a lot of fun while doing it in an innocent manner. This may be due to the girls being only 15 or 16 in the video. Amazing. Soulja Boy could have ruined this video and song by being in it but even he isn’t so bad and his appearance is short. I also can’t lie though, I love that make-up in this video! It worked pretty darn well.

03/ Christian Rich – Famous Girl 

When I first saw this video, I knew it was one of my favorites. The concept is a bit overused but it never gets old compared to the numerous songs with the same ol’ thing. I had seen the video a couple of weeks after I had finally seen Donnie Darko and there was a very familiar feeling from the beginning. Still, I did not expect it to be anything more than a group of people dancing at a party seeing how everyone was so dressed up. The lyrics are not as strong, at all, (she loves it when you’re shaven?!) as the video or even compared to how catchy the music is but it still works. When it gets really slow near the center of the song, the climax of the video happens and so in that sense the video really flows with the song! Either way, I played this song throughout the year, half the time watching the video as well… wayyy too often.

02/ Ladyhawke – Magic 

This song is pretty darn amazing. At first I was not sure who the artist was, because she had a hint of New Young Pony Club and even Florence + The Machine and I was just playing things on my iTunes. Turns out this was the song I had downloaded from a mix CD and I had forgotten all about it. Still, throughout the year I would love playing the song, which lyrically and musically pleased me by being both eerie and catchy. She’s not getting saved, but saving him, and in a way, she’s saying she’ll do anything for the guy because their night will be magic and not just because she’ll be with him, but they will be together. He will be with her. Talk about awesome. Then I saw the video and I was pretty much blown away. It looked pretty cool because of the weird trailer feeling in the beginning and then the whole execution of the act where Ladyhawke saves the guy from the evil villain, even though I’m not sure what happened the villain in the end. I am seriously disappointed that I did not check out her album last year but there’s hope to new material?


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