Best Of/ Top Single/Album of 2009

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It’s here… my favorite artist of the year and a really cool single! :p

Orange Single for 2009

Artist/Songwriter: Oren Lavie
Title: “Her Morning Elegance”
Video: or click the image
Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron

I learned about this song through a friend of mine earlier this year and ever since, nothing could compare. At all. Then again, I have a weakness for songs that use pronouns for females? Haha. The song has very depressing but somewhat strong lyrics while the music is very upbeat and catchy. Not only is the song amazing but the video is creative in both concept and execution (stop motion animation with ~3,000 frames actual portraying the lyrics using props like pillows and socks?!). Oran Lavie wrote, sang, and even co-directed the video! All of this helped earn this a nomination for Best Short Form Music Video for the 2010 Grammys. You can find fun facts and information about everyone involved on his Mysplace Blog.

Favorite lyrics: “her morning elegance she wears / the sound of water makes her dream / awoken by a cloud of steam / she pours a daydream in a cup / a spoon of sugar sweetens up”

Favorite scene: There’s not one scene I don’t love! I just love how everything is done on her bed and every scene is so well laid out. Also, the fact that there’s someone else with her every now and then helps show what she may be fighting for, which is also mentioned in a line.

Orange Artist of 2009

Artist: Little Boots
Title: Hands
Release Date: June 08, 2009
First Song: Remedy
Song Representing Title: New In Town
Favorite Songs of the Moment: Click | Mathematics | Symmetry

I would be lying if I did not have Little Boots, or Victoria Hesketh, in my top three, if not first place. Hands has to be the most played album of the year! I heard of The Remedy in late 2008 yet I never really paid attention until sometime 2009, when it clicked how awesome it was. This was when I also heard Stuck on Repeat, which was written with Kylie Minogue in mind, and you could most definitely tell that from just listening to the song alone. Well, there’s definitely a bit of Kylie in this album! The first single, however, was New In Town, and I think that best represents the album, because she was the new girl in town and without much (she can make songs using Tenori-on, a program that allows you to make electronic beats and looks pretty darn cool!), she still shows you a good time!

Little Boots was apparently from Dead Disco and wanted solo work, so she left and the others went to form Video Villian. While you can hear a bit of Dead Disco in some of her songs, you can tell she definitely has a style of her own. From beginning to end of the album, there are different electronic-pop-disco tracks that can be related to one way or another. If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, you’ve still got the music, but there’s nothing bad about this album at all. This also was an album appreciated by my friends as I introduced it to them, so as the year went on, I found more of my friends enjoying it and for that, there’s an personal connection with this album.

Click has been my favorite song ever since I heard it, just because of “You know I thought we click / Like two parts of a puzzle / Now I’m all alone / Click, like the flick of a switch / And now the pieces don’t seem to fit.” It reminds me of the poetry I used to write… I even had one about being trapped and Earthquake worked so well with that! Also, Mathematics reminded me of Sia’s Academia, which was my favorite song from her album. Academia also associates love with math and I remember trying to do that when comparing love to a java program (which I guess was a horrific idea on it’s own, since java sucks). I’m definitely no longer as nerdy as I used to be but I still appreciate corny stuff like that and Little Boots seems to know me too well, haha. Ironically, it took me months to realize what the songs were about because originally I just played Little Boots a lot because she was catchy. Yeah, I love all the songs.

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