020310: drake at siegal center

I normally would not go to such a concert but I figured I would seeing I somewhat still wish I had gone to see Kid CuDi here when he came for free. FOR FREE! So I end up spending money on a guy I just sort of like but not as much as the other? Yeah, that was my ridiculous logic. Either way, it was not necessarily a waste of money but I don’t know how much more I would pay, if at all.

For the opener: Tanya Morgan

I honestly expected a female! Not necessarily Nikcki Minaj but someone from Young Money. Ha, that alone shows you how familiar I was with everything concerning this concert. Still, not that bad. They were pretty fun but nothing that exciting, personally.

Then Drake came along.

I realized he did not have that much material to present in the first place but he made the best of it. He sampled and partially performed certain songs of related acts or songs that he was involved in, mostly to showcase his parts. Drake really made the best of the small selection of songs. I was surprised that every song he did, I originally found super catchy and knew fairly well. He did some Lil’ Wayne songs and a couple of Trey Songz stuff. He also did a song or two in full… but the most insane thing? Tyga and Chris Brown actually made special appearances. Tyga for the song “Bedrock” and Chris for “Night Off”. I had just heard a rumor a couple of minutes before going in that Chris Brown might drop by and honestly, it was not that surprising because dude has visited Richmond multiple times in the last two years. Tyga sort of threw me off because I expected the rest of the Young Money people to show up when I saw him walk on stage but obviously such was not the case.

Definitely an entertaining show but I wish it lasted longer. Drake was on for perhaps only an hour? Tanya was on for at least 30 minutes, possibly an hour. It was just ridiculous timing since I really think Drake could have done more… but I do realize that he apparently has been sick and recovering, so I can’t say too much. Not to mention, the lack of material probably contributed to the short timing as well. I was just glad that he actually got to perform the amount that he did and that I actually got to see him.

By the way, crazy thing? Apparently Chris, Tyga, and Drake ended up at Cotton Club (a local club) afterward. I sort of wish I could have been there to see that but not my scene. Chris Brown was near, like a building away, before and I still did want to go out of my way to see him, haha. I don’t think I can fully support the guy, like some of my peers who rushed to go get a picture with him, but I don’t have as much hate for him as others I know.


~ by Ke on February 4, 2010.

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  1. […] been pretty good when it comes to live concerts that I have been able to catch. It started off with Drake, who was not completely worth the money but still good to catch, and then Tegan and Sara with Holly […]

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