021810: Tegan and Sara w/ Holly Miranda at The National

I’m not gonna lie that Steel Train did not interest me at all when I checked them out online, so I was not in a rush when I heard they were first up. I just happened to walk in to hear a couple of songs and discovered they were a lot better live. That explains why I have no video or pictures of the band.

The opener that I was excited to see was Holly Miranda. I immediately fell in love with her music when I first checked it out. I loved her music so much that I ended up buying the CD while Steel Train was playing (shh! I’m sorry Steel Train for not giving you a proper chance!). It had a sort of lykke li / lights feel to it but mostly I referred to her as Tegan and Sara but more electronic, haha. She not only seemed super sweet but her voice resonated through the venue. Her music… oh man, it was tremendously better on stage. I loved the fact that you could feel the beats in your heart while you also actually felt the lyrics she sang. It was seriously beautiful. What made my night was her actually performing No One Just Is… which has become one of my all-time favorites, and is most certainly my current favorite by her. I highly highly recommend her if you like any of the artists I’ve mentioned in comparison!

Now, the headliner. Tegan and Sara. This was my second time seeing them but it was a whole other experience. They were a lot more interactive here, in my opinion, than when I had seen them in Columbus, OH two-three years ago. Then again, that venue was a lot bigger and I was actually a lot closer to them. This time, however, I was further away but it was still pretty darn fantastic. They mostly did songs from their latest album, Sainthood, and then some oldies from So Jealous, The Con, and even This Business of Art. They did not do my favorite song once again (Hype) but they ended up doing some of my favorites in general, such as “Nineteen,” “Arrow,” and “Monday Monday Monday.” What else made this concert different, other than the timing of a new album and therefore different focus? Their encore was all acoustic. As if I didn’t already know how amazing they sound, they rocked it hard with just their guitars. Amazing girls.

I’m going to leave you with their new video for “Alligator.”


~ by Ke on March 1, 2010.

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  1. […] It started off with Drake, who was not completely worth the money but still good to catch, and then Tegan and Sara with Holly Miranda, who was absolutely adorable. After a summer of silence, came another storm of concerts. […]

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