infoMania has Kidz Bop covered!

It seems InfoMania has learned the greatness of Kidz Bop as well. The clip above is from a segment called Sergio’s White Hot Top 5 and on this one, Sergio covered “Top 5 Most Annoying Kidz Bop Videos.” Pretty spot on, not going to lie. The #5 song? Let It Rock. Hey! That song was covered on Orangenial! Now if Sergio could further expand on the franchise, that’d be great.

What is InfoMania? It’s this great show on CurrentTV that pretty much looks at current media. It has a very The Soup-feel to it but instead of looking at shows and current celebrity news, it really looks at what is just shown on the media itself. It’s hard to explain but thankfully the show is available on both Youtube and Hulu, so it should not be hard to check out!

Final words? It really is all about hot hot make-up hugs.


~ by Ke on March 14, 2010.

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