Music from Shows: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl may be the one stereotypical show that I watch. Everything about it is stereotypical. I mean, it’s based on the rich from the New York area… that along yells stereotypes. However, whoever made that show, knows how to present good music. I have no idea how they make the selections that they do but one of my favorite things to do when catching up on this show is rediscovering music…. either because of the scene it was presented in or just finding out new things from old artists.

The very beginning of the season featured Peter, Bjorn and John – “Young Folks” (music video above), which was one of my absolute favorites at that time. As the season progressed, the good selection of music also continued… except I felt a downfall of interesting non-typical music around the 2nd season. Well, the latest season (3rd) brought it all back. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always been a musical connection with Gossip Girl but it was just a lot stronger in the recent season than the previous one. I found myself trying to find music almost every episode, sometimes caring about more than one song. It could very well be a song that I was more aware of new and good music in the previous season, and therefore the pull was weaker but they have a knack for finding good electronic music. My favorites are usually when there is a female vocalist involved, such as Massive Attack. They found a really great remix to play of their song “Paradise Circus.” The remix is 7 minutes long but regardless, it’s quite marvelous. Massive Attack is actually the band that performed the House theme song, if anyone recognizes that work of gem.

As for Gossip Girl story itself, there are many twists and turns in the plot that are just hilarious to even discuss. Actually, it’s quite amusing when the characters themselves realize this, “What about Chuck… and Nate… and Chuck and then Nate again?” (This was an interesting line, by the way. Relationship wise, it was definitely Nate, then Chuck, and then Nate again, and then finally Chuck. Oh, Serena, only focusing on the sleeping patterns, instead of relationships?) Not only that, but even the genders are really stereotypical. It’s usually a female character causing drama and dressing in clothes that reveal most of her body, whereas it is usually the guy dealing with actual money and wearing clothes that cover him from head-to-toe. Only occasionally do you see a guy shirtless but even then, most likely there’s a girl involved who is in some skimpy dress. I’m not against playing the part but it both frustrates and amuses me when I notice how I cave into shows that have such defined gender roles (see iCarly, even). At the end of the season finale, a male and a female character have sex, and even though they both were involved in it, the girl ends up regretting it (I think that is what was going on? She was just crying a lot and looked really sad. She may have done it to get back at a female character for all I know) and the guy gets blamed for it by the friends. Wait, what?! They were both in it. She did not have to actually stay, when he asked if she was okay with it, if she did not want anything to do with him. The fact that he actually got punched for sleeping with her the previous night just shows the double standard our society has, because it was full consent that occurred, and sure it could have been the moment but I truly truly hate when one is allowed to pull that kind of role. She did get yelled at later by a female character but then it ended up seeming like people just like to blame people, rather than something that just happened between two people. It does take two to tango.

Song of the Finale to check out:  Oliver North Boy Choir РTeenage Lust

This season just felt very refreshing and I sort of wish I knew more shows that had an amazing soundtrack. The only other show I can think of at the moment would be Chuck, but thankfully I kept up with Chuck (to some degree) and I think that show has more than just amazing music. It has an amazing story that is more than just backstabbing and rebelling, which I admire about Chuck but that is for another post (since next season does look really promising, especially what with the new character involved!)

Music Video of a song not on Gossip Girl but by an artist who was featured

Other artists that have been featured on Gossip Girl: Julian Casablancas (lead from The Strokes), Beach House, The Drums (a recent favorite of mine!), and Far East Movement. Definitely check them out whenever you have the chance.


~ by Ke on June 12, 2010.

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