Limelight/ Marina & The Diamonds

I’ve been slacking when it comes to supporting my favorite female vocals. The last album I bought was perhaps late last year, when I got Lights – The Listening, which is still one of my top favorites of last year. It took me forever to appreciate Little Boots (even though I loved Dead Disco?) and then it took forever to appreciate Fol Chen (even though Cable TV was automatically one of my favorite love songs after first listen). Ladyhawke and Florence + The Machine had it the worst last year, when I rediscovered them very late last year and they somehow barely made it. Well, it seems I took my sweet time with these artists but I’m not too far behind!

This year, more female artists are in the spotlight. Kate Nash came back with a whole new album, and joining her have been artists like La Roux, Eliza Doolittle, Ellie Goulding, and Marina & The Diamonds. While I immediately loved Ellie Goulding’s amazing pop sound, it took me a while to appreciate Kate Nash’s new album and I definitely had to grow used to Marina’s interesting style. La Roux’s interest was pretty normal in the sense that I was obsessed with a song or two every now and then but somehow mainstream radio sort of killed it with the overplaying. Marina & The Diamonds, however, just keeps getting better and better. Oh my gosh, the new video for “Oh No!” is awesome and a must-see!

If her voice is not your cup of tea, try Ellie Goulding’s adorable voice, but be warned, Ellie’s lyrics cannot compare to what Marina has to offer in her debut album :p

Bonus: Marina & The Diamonds – Girls


~ by Ke on June 28, 2010.

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