Live Concerts

This year has been pretty good when it comes to live concerts that I have been able to catch. It started off with Drake, who was not completely worth the money but still good to catch, and then Tegan and Sara with Holly Miranda, who was absolutely adorable. After a summer of silence, came another storm of concerts.

Chino Moreno


Last month (September 1st), I was able to catch Deftones, who were way better than I expected. The crowd was actually tame, since after seeing Nine Inch Nails, I had come to expect a lot of moshing. I assume the venue here just does not allow moshing, haha. Either way, they had Baroness open for them, who were actually pretty good. When Deftones came out, they started with Diamond Eyes. Some of the songs from their setlist included: My Own Summer (Shove It), Be Quiet and Drive Away (Far Away), CMND/CTRL, and Nosebleed. Of course, there was an encore but they only did two songs: Engine #9 and 7 Words. I think my favorite performances were Change (In The House of Flies) and 7 Words. Seriously great way to end the show.

Tokyo Police Club

Opener for New Pronographers

Earlier this week, I was able to catch Tokyo Police Club and New Pornographers. Talk about an amazing tour! The opening band was Tokyo Police Club and they definitely brought energy to the concert. They exceeded whatever expectations I had for them. They actually made me think of the energy I had seen from Kaiser Chiefs at the Weezer/Foo Fighters tour, which definitely had me psyched for the rest of the concert. They were also pretty interactive. They actually incorporated clapping in 1/3 of their songs (Citizens of Tomorrow, Wait Up (Boots of Danger), Bambi), which made me really get into the mood. There was also some singing done along to “Wait Up”! I’d honestly love to see them again, but they’ll be in DC (October 30) when I won’t be! I also wish I got their autographs but I wasn’t thinking after the concert. It’s fine though, the experience was well worth it.

Now, the main feature of this post… New Pornographers! I’ve always liked them when I randomly heard them but I never completely got into them. I finally got around to getting some albums this year and I’ve still mostly had to be in the mood to listen to them. Well, this concert changed them. They were AMAZING live. It actually made me like them a lot more! Much like Tokyo Police Club, they tried to be interactive and were pretty funny with their stories. They reminded me a tad of Tegan and Sara in that respect… not too crazy but something adorable is said whenever they do talk. I originally heard of them when I heard Sing Me Spanish Techno on (which they performed live in this concert too!). The reason this concert is what got me more into them was being able to see how much was involved in their music. They had so many glorious instruments used and such catchy hooks… you could actually see the excitement and fun they had while they performed the music. It was an amazing experience I will never forget.

New Pornographers


~ by Ke on October 23, 2010.

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