102710: Metric w/ Muse at John Paul Jones Arena (and other bits)

It’s somewhat weird to think that I never wrote about my experience seeing Nine Inch Nails at JPJ two years ago. They were pretty much incredible live, with Health opening for them. They were the only concert where I experienced the actual crazy moshing, but that’s probably because they are the only outlying artist (other than Deftones) that I have seen live. It could also be because of the venue.

When looking at the venue, I got to visit it again for Metric with Muse. Just a few days before the concert in Charlottesville, I got to see Metric on their own (with an opening band from Richmond) at the National and that was quite a treat. Not only was their set longer, obviously, but they ended their encore with acoustic Combat Baby.

Enough about that though, since this entry is more about Muse and Metric, making it a very special concert. Last year, around the same time actually, Muse came to Charlottesville to open for U2. My friend and I went to that mostly because it was Muse and because it was Muse and U2 so close to us. Well, we ended up taking a very long unintended detour which cost us not being able to actually see Muse perform. While we were getting there, we heard the music, but when we got into our seats, that’s when they went off stage. It was quite sad, seeing U2 was able to have 3 amazing encores (not complaining at all about that, just wish we could have seen Muse do their songs at some point too). So, when we heard they were coming back, we knew we had to go.

With the fact that I saw Metric earlier that week and heard (and wanted to see) Muse the previous year, this was going to be one exciting concert… and it was! Metric did most of the same songs, in almost the same order but much like with both concerts, they had more energy in their songs than actually trying to have a conversation with the audience. That might be the only thing I wanted more out of their performances, more things said by them. Still, they were both great as a main act and as an opening band.

Muse, on the other hand, was amazing. I remember somewhat seeing how their performance was last year, and how great it was, but it was truly nice to see how they set the stage this year. They definitely made the most of JPJ, much like Nine Inch Nails did two years ago, and it somewhat reminded me of how crazy U2 had their set up. All-in-all, all the essential senses were thought of when it came to this concert.


~ by Ke on November 27, 2010.

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