Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (continued)

Ravenous tourist brings you

11. The Sea of Bees
I heard this song way too late. It reminds me of when I first heard of Headlights – “Cherry Tulips” and it just had me feeling good for a while. This may be the highest song that I am not certain if it is a single or not. I don’t even know if this is the actual video for the song. Disregarding all of that, it’s been a fun song and I’m glad NPR had it featured on their all songs considered podcast. This song seems to be more about recovering after learning to not trust… and I love when you can’t really tell what the song is about because the music somewhat contradicts the lyrics. Then again, this could all be my odd interpretation.
12. Yeasayer

Originally discovered through some free iTunes mixes, I actually got into this more after I saw the video. I have a tendency to forget about mixtapes and contents unless something really stands out and if a mixtape is really great anyway, it’s hard to stand out. This video really helped with that because it was not only fun but sort of had the cryptic thing going for it too. Plus, it helped relay the catchiness in some form, not sure exactly what form, but it was definitely there visually because now whenever I hear the song, I think of certain parts of the video.

Morgan Page ft. Elisabeth Maurus

“Fight For You”
This video is not at all what I imagined for this song and I’m not sure if that made the song better or worse for me. I mean, actually, it didn’t make it worse but man, what an average video… yet, of course, it works with the fight metaphor… she’ll actually fight for you because she’s training right now! It’s a tad ridiculous when you think about it but I love the idea behind it and I cannot at all not support her on this fight. Other than this being a good song about perseverance, it’s pretty good to listen to this when working out too!
Minus the Bear

“My Time” 

I don’t know why I never fully got into Minus the Bear. I still don’t know why I have yet to further check them out. I randomly heard this and ever since then, watching the video has been a delight and the music just makes me feel as jolly in reference. Still, nothing compels me to check out other stuff? Maybe it’s because it’s all on my time, and I take my sweet time, haha. Either way, simple but almost adorable video… and definitely a catchy upbeat song!

Fefe Dobson


Fun, catchy, song with a somewhat fun video. I wish I heard her other single in time too but at the same time, I know how many times I replayed this. There’s just something about her voice that I simply adore and can really understand, even if I have yet to experience such things. Not to mention, she’s pretty great when it comes to having lyrics that are straight forward but almost a play on words for rhythm.

16. Rogue Wave
Good Morning (The Future) 

If it was not for Chuck, I would be even more unfamiliar with new music. While this is not the song that was on Chuck, it’s the song that I ended up liking the most out of the random Rogue Wave YouTube videos I checked out. The title alone made me think of Matthew Good (“The Future is X-Rated”) but this song has a bit more hope. It’s oddly a feel-good song and when you look at the video, it sort of has that shown. There’s this sort of dark but cute feel to this song… almost like it’s trying to discuss how the future is unknown but we’ll be fine if we’re together? I definitely don’t know what this song is about but I do know that my interpretation really makes me enjoy the song all the more.

17. The Guild ft. Felicia Day
Do You Want to Date My Avatar 

This song is just brilliant… and it is a song that I should have discovered in 2009, the year it came out. Felicia Day is amazing but I know it was not until late 2009 that I got to experience her awesomness through Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. She makes this song sound incredible, both lyrically and vocally. The video is pretty visually appealing as well but I think I would have been fine without the video. It does enhance it though because you do not get hear the other members of The Guild as you get to see them in the video. I don’t really watch The Guild but I can understand the major nerdy interest here and it’s just an overall cute concept.

18. M.I.A.

A very catchy song that does not do M.I.A. justice. Then again, I admit that despite being a huge fan of this song, nothing really compelled me to check out her latest album. I still have yet to do that, even though I did fairly enjoy her previous one. I guess this song just throws me off-guard. I could never see her singing about something like this, where as Born Free fit her in my eyes. In fact, the reason why I choose this over Born Free was just that. This was a nice change. I also could not tell if she was seriously doing it because she wanted a fun song or if she was sort of mocking the aspect of similar songs. I want to believe the latter but I do realize that’s just me… but the fact that I even considered that made me like this a lot more because it was catchy and based on M.I.A.’s own work, even her fun songs end up thought-provoking for me.

19. Girls Generation

Technically, this song is apparently from 2009 but I honestly heard this the first week of January. Throughout this year, I’ve loved hearing this song. It had to be in my top 20 because it’s been such a delight. Not only is the video cute but the story line, based on translation, is adorable. This is tied for my love song of the year with another song that has yet to come. Not to mention, it’s a really catchy song! I need to seek out korean pop more often. If only it was easier to get this album… but I’m really not sure where to go from this song, other than what I’ve already checked out on YouTube.

20. The Temper Trap

Sweet Disposition was a great song for a song released in 2009. Love Hurt is a great song as the latest single, maybe even stronger than this. However, Fader was heard throughout the year and there’s no way this list would be complete without including this. It’s a familiar sound that I have come to adore but they somehow seem to add some unique touch of their own, which I have yet to completely figure out myself. The lyrics as as nice as the song makes me feel. While I cannot comprehend exactly what the song was based off of or what the lyrics are supposed to reference, I still feel as calm as the music allows me.


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