Best Of/ Top Singles/Albums of 2010


Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. MNDR and Q-Tip“Bang Bang Bang”

This is taken from my blog, because I am that lazy. This song is genius! “Bang Bang Bang” gives tribute to an old French nursery rhyme called Alouette in a fun way. We’ve got Amanda Warner (MNDR) and Q-Tip contributing their fantastic vocals. Now I never knew the nursery rhyme as much as I knew Frère Jacques but this still created an interesting concept for the song verses and video. The video started off with a cute commercial (with a little girl singing the Alouette nursery rhyme), an introduction-based interview of some sort, and then an almost futuristic action-related video. It’s clearly better to see this for yourselves. In addition to being a unique and catchy song, it introduced me to MNDR and re-confirmed my disappointment in not checking out Q-Tip as much as I wish I did. At first I thought it was just Amanda on her own but she works with Peter Wade to form an electronc duo, but we’re getting off-tipic here. All that needs to be known is that this song, video, and the guests on this song should all be checked out!


Ellie Goulding – Lights
release date (UK): March 01, 2010
Favorite Song by Ellie Goulding: This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) because it reminds me of early-mid 2010 road trips

This list would not be complete if I did not have Ellie Goulding and Marina & The Diamonds on the list. Then again, it would not be an accurate list if I did not have these two in the top two… except choosing one over the other is just a bit harsh. When I first heard them, I heard them around the same time, so I ended up comparing the two. Marina and The Diamonds had a rough voice that took a while to get used to… and the lyrics were a bit odd. Ellie had the sweet creative lyrics that I wanted with the sweet catchy voice but there was something missing from his creativity. The two somehow still made my year. It’s not at all disappointing when I hear either of their songs and somehow when I do, I tend to end up wanting to listen to the other. They help not only define 2010 but are pretty good at describing me and my interesting views, since they seem to have somewhat similar yet contrasting songs both lyrically and musically. Plain and simple: This is the first year I have had ties for both songs and albums and think that only shows how interesting 2010 was for me.

Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels
release date (UK): February 15, 2010
Favorite Song by Marina and the Diamonds: Oh No! because it reminds me of myself, both in the sense of who I want to be and who I feel like I already am.


Metric“Black Sheep”

I am sure this is not that much of a surprise to anyone who has paid attention to anything I’ve said over the course of 2010. For the longest time, I had lyrics to this song in my signature. Also, not only has Scott Pilgrim vs. The World kicked major ass (both movie and soundtrack… heck, soundtrack had to be one of my top favorites for 2010) but I got to see Metric.. twice! It’s nice to hear the live Metric versions (first song performed on the set!), as well as enjoy the subtle vocal difference when playing the version that Brie Larson (she played Scott’s ex on Scott Pilgrim) sang. There are just so many references that this song alone provides and I guess with everything that happened in 2010, there’s just a lot more that this song was able to give me and I cannot show how grateful I am for that. Fantastic.


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