Best Of/ Albums of 2010 (cont.)

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03.Alphabeat – The Spell | release date (UK):March 01, 2010

top five pecks: Hole in my Heart / The Spell / The Beat Is / DJ / Chess
Not going to lie, I have been waiting so long to put this on my list. I was going to put this on my list last year but then I realized it would not technically be released here until 2010… It still has yet to be released here… regardless, I knew I had to put it on my list and I knew it was going to be one of my top five albums. It’s somewhat funny because I didn’t hear the big deal when my friend first introduced me to Alphabeat. Then, when I really did get into them, he was not that much into them. I think he’s started to slightly come around, especially after their AlphaMonsterMash, which is a mash-up/cover of Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Bad Romance :p If you’re into fun, electronic pop, and have yet to check Alphabeat out… do it nauwww! /arnoldschwartznegger

04.Katy Perry – Teenage Dream | release date: August 24, 2010

top five pecks: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) / E.T. / Circle the Drain / Firework / Who Am I Living For?
This is slightly embarrassing to discuss since last year I was so sick of hearing so much about her and hearing her on the radio. I’m slightly still annoyed but I can’t deny that almost every song on this album has held my interest for weeks at some point or another last year. While I wasn’t big on “California Gurls,” I loved almost every parody or cover of that song. Then, when my friend got it around August, I thought it was ridiculous and completely not worth it. Heck, who seriously has a song called “Peacock”?! However, when I heard “Firework,” I actually started to wonder about her album but it wasn’t until I looked up “Circle the Drain” that I actually got motivated to check out the album. Overall, each listen ends up as a new musical experience and there’s not a single song on that album I have not enjoyed on repeat.

05.Tokyo Police Club – Champ | release date: June 08, 2010

top five pecks: Favourite Food / Wait Up (Boots of Danger) / Bambi / Big Difference / Not Sick
It’s crazy how I wasn’t really a huge fan of theirs until more recently and seeing them in concert definitely changed that as well. My favorite song performed was “Bambi” just because of how they made it so interactive to sing and clap along. In fact, sad to admit, I was looking more forward to seeing them open than New Pornographers but I think they such a great job opening that I was ready for New Pornographers too, despite the change in music. Regardless, they’re quite fun live and quite fun on record. If you like Kaiser Chiefs, there’s a chance you may enjoy this artist as well. Just maybe.

06.Stars – The Five Ghosts | release date: June 22, 2010

top five pecks: Wasted Daylight / We Don’t Want Your Body / The Last Song Ever Written / I Died So I could Haunt You / Changes
This album has interesting lyrics for such a peppy mellow sound. The first two songs I heard ended up being stuck in my head and making an imprint almost immediately. “Wasted Daylight” has an almost depressing tone to it but when you listen, it just makes you feel warm. “We Don’t Want Your Body” is just as hilarious as it sounds, if not better than the title alone. It’s actually what compelled me to get the album. I wish I could see them live because I imagine that’d be quite marvelous. I actually learned about this album a bit too late but I’m glad I did since I couldn’t stop listening for months. It’s always fun to hear songs randomly though. The way that they make the female vocals work with the male vocals is pretty soothing.

07.Spoon – Transference
release date: January 15, 2010 | top three pecks: Got Nuffin / Before Destruction / The Mystery Zone

There’s so much that has slowly been getting me more into Spoon. The list? Local people… the city… and Chuck. If I was to have a list for TV shows, Chuck would be way high up there. Regardless, focusing on Spoon, I had a chance to see them and somehow I completely did not plan for it in advance, which I have somewhat regretted for a while now now. Not only that, but I had a couple of friends, both old and new, that were already into Spoon so this somehow united us all a bit more. While I am not as close to some of the people, I still like to think of the fond memories and connections, and this album definitely helps with that.

08.Ok Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
release date: January 12, 2010 | top three pecks: WTF? / White Knuckles / While You Were Asleep

I guess I’ve been lucky with my few concerts because they usually ended up making me like the artist a lot more than I originally this. This is another instance of that. In 2008, I barely knew about Ok Go, other than their youtube famous video with treadmills. Then, somehow, I realized they were coming here to perform and I knew someone who was also interested in seeing them (actually, a lot more interested). Somehow, through the amazing concert experience (Ok Go is really sociable and interactive!), and social interaction, I came to gain more interest in them. Then the video for WTF? came out in 2009. Not only did that make my list last year, but it got me interested in giving them an actual shot. It was that good! After that, they only continued to exceed my expectations with their catchy hooks and creative visuals. They were quite great with their interviews too! All-in-all, despite their youtube popularity, they seem to remain underappreciated and that’s quite sad.

09.Deftones – Diamond Eyes
release date: May 04, 2010 | top three pecks: Diamond Eyes / Royal / Rocket Skates

While I always been okay with Deftones, I never really got into them until this album. Then, when I had the chance to see them, I took the chance because I did like them enough. It ended up as one of the experiences that really impact you, because it’s not something I would normally go for. Not only were there interesting people there but a friend was that also took me to my last out of the ordinary concert. Chino Moreno had charisma and held the emotions well with each song. The music, itself, was powering. Lyrics? Interesting. With all those components, I just ended up finding some comfort in the music. That concert made me want to check out more Deftones and actually had me listening as if it was all new again, which I think is a pretty great thing to get out of a concert.

10.Eliza Doolittle – Eliza Doolittle
release date: July 12, 2010 | top three pecks: Skinny Genes / Mr. Medicine / Nobody

“Skinny Genes” has to be one of my favorite love songs of the year. It’s probably tied with “Gee”, but this actually seems to more about the love/hate aspect, which rarely made sense to be other than in theory. The original video for that was magnificant, where she seems somewhat simple but still talking about what she really wanted or meant. While the true intentions of the song may be uncertain (I just view it as love/hate, not using of any kind), it lead me toward checking out the album and I am quite glad that I did. She has a familiar sound where I get reminded of other favorite female artists but at the same time, she adds an adorable but almost non-innocent touch to it. Her other singles continued to support that view, and so that’s why I knew she had to be in the top 10 but I couldn’t place her higher. “Nobody,” for instance, has become one of my favorite songs at the moment, just because it’s so true and it almost reminds me of Lily Allen when I first got into her but at the same time, because it really reminds me of other artists, it’s not as unique.


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