Best Of/ Singles of 2010 (cont.)

Kanye West

Kanye is such a genius. I know that it’s pretty sad that he’s on this list and not my albums list but that’s because I took forever listening to his album and I need to be in the mood for it. I still do recognize how great it was though because I liked hearing it whenever my friends played it. It was this song that got me mostly interested in the album though and that is why I figured I’d rather write about this song than the album. The video was amazing and the Saturday Night Live performance was somehow even better… and I’m not sure how Kanye continues to crank out such amazing performances but whatever he is on that makes him not seem personable, he should continue just for his musical geniusness. This needs to be heard and seen, especially the saturday night live performance.

“My Boots”

Simply put, I adore Lights. I also adore her creativity since not many artists release lyric videos… especially ones that surprisingly work so well for the song itself. Each one of her videos so far has been unique in it’s own way. It turns out that she had a video released for “white” and while that is not the focus on this write-up, it still is worth mentioning just to show how great she is. I was fortunate enough to see her once but I can never forget how friendly and energetic she was for that one concert. If I could see her again, especially for this upbeat song, I would. This song is her anthem to winter but honestly, I would play this every morning I saw rain outside and while I don’t really wear rain boots, it still made me tolerate the rain a bit more just by having this song on…. if we had more snow, I’m sure I’d appreciate this song for it’s true purpose but we get weak amounts of snow.

“Finn Bikkjen!”

Nope, I had no idea what this song is referring to, lyrically or visually, when I started getting into it. I think that’s what made me like the song so much though.. because it’s just musically catchy, and that’s about it. There’s almost a cute innocent thing when it comes to the music and video but clearly it’s not really just that. When actually looking up the song, turns out the title is roughly translated to “Find [the] dog,” and the story in the song (and even the video, if you think about it) is that a boy lost his dog and tries to go out to find him. Not only did it already sound adorable before I found that out but it made me like the song a lot more itself! This song has just been full of many surprises.


This song just makes me feel good. The vide is slightly disappointing but at the same time, it does still accurately portray the feeling I get from the song. I guess I just expected something else. When not looking at the disappointing video, this song seems to have not only catchy upbeat music (which makes me feel like this would be a great kids sing-a-long) but pretty catchy lyrics as well. It was actually effective on getting me check out the album. It’s just, like with the other artists, I took too long to do so because I am quite lazy. Much like I have been with updating this list… buutttt lets not get into that.

“MK Ultra”

It was hard picking this as the song to represent Muse for 2010 but it somehow seemed to fit. When they toured with U2, U2 seemed very much different in both style and performance, despite them having much in common. When I got to see Muse in 2010, I got to see the influence and the difference. It was absolutely amazing. Between songs, Muse would do familiar rifts and their performances always got people singing along and even dancing and just so many different reactions. They truly showed that they work well as an opening band, as well as the main act. They also illustrated how they can integrate thought-povoking music but also catch the average listener’s attention. Seriously, whenever I hear this song, I truly view this video running through my head.

April Smith and the Great Picture
“Terrible Things”

I discovered April Smith and the Great Picture a bit too late in 2010. Surprisingly, it was through NPR’s All Songs Considered, and not the song’s use in Weeds soundtrack. Then again, I have not really been into Weeds recently but that’s another post. April Smith somehow has a very fun and playful feel to her music but when you watch this video, it’s a bit different than just that. Yet, the video still works quite well… actually, this video was what made me like this song a lot more. There’s a swing feel to her music, which makes me feel that the concerts would be a delight to attend. If you have not heard her and like dance-like music and a strong female vocalist, please click on the title to view the marvelous video!


Ever since I got to see Health open, I have wanted to try to like them more than I actually do. They’re pretty catchy and they have a sound similar to Crystal Castles but male vocals rarely do anything for me on their own. Usually if there are two familiar sounds, the female vocals would win, and that’s how it’s felt with Crystal Castles versus Health (in my flawed categorical brain). This song completely changed that. There’s a familiar feeling with this song that I could not track down for the longest time. Then I found that the rhythm is actually not that uncommon. The video is what made it a little different, making this one of the most played songs of my summer.

Oh Land
“Sun of a Gun”

This song was introduced to me around the same time as all the amazing concerts were happening and I was slightly disappointed that I had never heard of Oh Land previously. Oh Land had an album out in in 2008 that actually sounds lovely but I would have not heard it if it wasn’t for this song right here. It’s a bit quirky and just fun to sing!


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