Carton of 2016 Orange Juice – January

WMATA SafeTrack presents to you…

it’s the local subway system messing with us, one neglect at a time…

On the first sip of 2016, I heard only one thing!

Rihanna – “Work”

Not gonna lie… didn’t listen to a lot of music this month, so the only thing that seemed appropriate to start off this Best Of was this song as it almost defines the start of this year, without really being released early in January. I heard it almost everywhere, either as the catchy song you don’t know how to dance to, or through amusings that discuss how no one can understand the lyrics. This clip was so spot on that it only felt appropriate to link it here as I mention how this was probably the best anticipation of Rihanna’s ANTI album. This is a such a great link to seeing what her lyrics meant and only added to the amusement. It’s like no matter what she’s trying to sing, she knew she was going to get a hit… and surprisingly, I felt that way with ANTI. Great album with some killer hits but took me a bit of listening to truly get into it. Also, this year was pretty much about work,work,work,work,work…

Here’s an old ad about orange juice to mull you over until the next post!


~ by Ke on December 16, 2016.

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